Wheel Chair Accessory

Types of equipment are usually better improved with the accessories that come along with them. Accessories not only enhance the features of the equipment making them easier to use, they may also add up to the ease of use, physical appearance and comfortability of users. Wheel chair accessories are also available for wheelchairs and can make life much easier for the disabled individuals confined to their wheelchairs. These accessories range from simple necessities such as gloves for maneuvering manual wheel chairs to a desk under which a wheel chair can roll for easy use. A person will find that this little thing can actually make a difference.

Wheel chair accessories are also customized to cater to the specific needs of the wheelchair users. Like for right or left handed users, a useful wheel chair accessory is the over chair table which can be adjusted for right or left handed users and raises up and down with just one hand. It allows a user to roll a wheel chair up to it similar to a traditional desk and is one wheel chair accessory people can use when a desk is needed. It is lightweight with large casters making its movement easy even when the person is alone.

Another wheel chair accessory some may find useful is a small tote that attaches to the side of the chair, allowing those in the chair to have certain things readily at hand, such as magazines or books, or even the remote control for the television. Add to that a cup holder for coffee cups or beverage bottles and the person is free to roam the house with their needs being met. Since access to certain things is very important in routines of everyday living, this wheelchair accessory would definitely improve a disabled persons quality of life by tending to the specific need of the user.

In the event minor adjustments are necessary, based on user preference and comfort, a small tool kit in a roll up pouch that can be attached to the wheel chair is available. It is a handy wheel chair accessory to have around that keeps the user from the hastle of searching the whole house for the proper tools. Simple adjustments can be made when needed, but major repairs should always be performed by a professional.

Since wheel chair accessories come in various shapes, kinds, and sizes, much of the user’s personal preferences can be catered to. Whether the person uses the wheel chair all the time or only occasionally, there is sure to be a wheel chair accessory that will make its use more comfortable or easier.

For independent minded persons who love to travel to the store and would want a place to put their purchases for transport home, carrying totes for various items are also available that can attach to the back of the seat or to the frame behind the wheel chair.

A strap-on arm tote can attach to the outside of the arm and hold a variety of small items ready for use when needed. There are different designs for this wheel chair accessory but they all have various sized pouches into which items can by stored and ready for use when needed.

Choosing a Wheel Chair For Your Child

There are several things to keep in mind when considering a wheel chair for your child. Some children require a “basic” power chair, whereas others require a power chair with specialized features. Still others can manage very well at home with a manual wheel chair. Keep in mind that just as with adult size wheel chairs, pediatric wheel chairs can be customized to meet your child’s physical challenges. Regardless of which style you choose, it should be comfortable for your child and provide for them as much freedom of mobility as possible.

How To Choose A Wheel Chair For Your Child

1) Transportation – how will the pediatric wheel chair be moved from home to your destination? Do you have the right vehicle to transport a power chair if needed?

2) Transfer Analysis – how will the parent transfer the child in and out of the chair? Parents need to know there are tools that can help them protect their child and their own physical well being while transferring the child from place to place.

3) Child’s Physical Needs – what will the wheel chair have to do in order to accommodate your child’s specific needs?

4) Weight of the Wheel Chair – how heavy is the chair? Will the parent have to lift the chair on a regular basis?

5) Style – a pediatric wheel chair should have armrests and footrests that are movable or completely detach from the wheel chair.

6) Wheels – what sort of terrain does your child negotiate each day? Does he go to school? Does he participate in sports? What climate do you live in? Will you or the child have to motor through mud, sand, or snow?

7) Environment – is your home large or small? Will he be able to turn, back up, or get around easily within the home with the wheel chair you have in mind?

8) Social Interaction – does the chair place your child at the right height for a classroom setting? Adjustments can be made to help make your child feel like they fit in with their classmates.

9) Cross Braces – wheel chairs for children should “grow” with the child. In other words, a pediatric wheel chair should have cross braces that can be changed out as the child grows. Changing the cross braces is less expensive than investing in a new chair with each growth spurt.

10) Cushion – a high quality, comfortable cushion is an absolute must for a child. Your physical therapist can give you pointers in this area as well.

11) Support – depending on the child’s physical strength, a tilt-back or reclining feature may be required.

Parents know what is best for their child in almost every situation, but when it comes to knowing how to choose a wheel chair for your child, depend on the experts to give you assistance during what could otherwise be a very emotional and overwhelming experience.

Portable Wheel Chairs Information For the User With Special Needs

Portable wheel chairs are also called transport wheel chairs or companion wheel chairs. A portable wheel chair can be a manual style or a powered chair. Either way, portable wheel chairs are designed with flexibility and ease of transport in mind.

Transport wheel chairs fold into a compact package for easy storage or for travel. Some portable wheel chairs have a fold-down back. Others are designed so that the armrests, footrests, and wheels can be disassembled and stowed in a vehicle trunk or the back of a van for transport. The manual versions of these portable chairs often weigh less than 22 pounds so they are easy for the average person to lift and push without too much trouble.

Portable chairs are constructed in such a way to be not only lightweight, but strong and durable as well. Titanium and aluminum are two components used in the manufacturing of these chairs. However, for those who need to accommodate a heavier person in a portable wheel chair, there are heavy-duty wheel chairs manufactured with steel tubing. The heavy-duty chairs are still portable, but will be a bit heavier than a titanium or aluminum portable chair.

There are electric or power chairs that are labeled as transport or portable as well. These chairs can be dismantled and then put back together again when you arrive at your destination.

Portable wheel chairs are made for both adults and children. Traveling within a confined space such as an airport, mall, or attending a special celebration event like a wedding or birthday party is all possible using a portable chair. Manual portable wheelchairs are ideal for transporting a person from home to the doctor’s office too. Short outings are manageable with a portable wheel chair, but if you plan to be out for the day, a thicker cushion should be added to the chair to ensure optimal comfort.

Who Would Benefit From A Portable Wheel Chair?

· Someone who is physically unable to operate a power chair independently

· A person who travels most often with a companion

· People with minimal upper body strength (lighter weight chair)

· Someone who doesn’t require constant medical attention

· A person who needs a companion to transport them from place to place – a portable chair is easier on the person pushing it because it’s lighter in weight

· For those who need a wheel chair for a short period of time or temporary use

· Just about anyone who has to keep a budget in mind – manual portable or transport wheel chairs are the most economical on the market

It’s important to seek out companies who have been in business for a respectable amount of time prior to making any wheel chair purchase. Be sure the company is willing to work with you and answer all of your questions to your satisfaction. A wheel chair is an important decision to make, especially for the person who will be using it on a regular basis. A wheel chair manufacturing company who keeps up with the latest improvements and newest technology is a good one to investigate.